Somit Solutions specialise in the design, development and delivery of diagnostic systems for a broad range of global automotive customers.

Our trusted solutions provide diagnostic support for engineering, manufacturing and service departments across motorcycle, passenger car, light commercial and heavy duty vehicles.

Somit diagnostic systems provide rich, guided and intuitive user experiences which integrate closely with specialist technical information, third party systems and cloud services for added security, data reporting and software management by our customers.

Somit are continually developing new and cutting edge solutions to meet the needs of established and emerging vehicle manufacturers and technology providers.


Somit produce visually engaging digital and print owner information for a diverse variety of vehicles including electric and hybrid cars as well as trucks and motorcycles.

A beautifully-crafted owner manual not only helps to ensure correct operation and appropriate maintenance of the vehicle, it will also give your customers a deeper understanding and a fuller appreciation of all the features it has to offer.

Our in-house experts have many years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of the legislative requirements and authoring processes needed to successfully deliver a comprehensive, coherent handbook that will engage your customers.

Output formats provide support for mobile apps, in-car displays, traditional web browsers and print.

Somit also offer specialized translation services through a network of approved, trusted and validated service providers.


Somit believe that investing in accurate technical information that’s easy to access is vital to running an effective and efficient aftersales operation. We produce technical communications such as service information, parts catalogs, wiring diagrams and emergency responder information.

Technical information can be delivered in a variety of formats for quick and easy reference, and to help service technicians do their very best work as efficiently as possible.

Somit also offer specialized translation services through a network of approved, trusted and validated service providers.

  • Service Information
  • Electronic Parts Catalogues
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Emergency Responder Information
  • Translation Services


Our extensive automotive experience and our technical know-how make us an excellent and trusted source of information and advice for:

•  Market legislative requirements
•  Process development
•  Benchmarking
•  Warranty Systems
•  Parts Supply
•  Set up or Outsource of Service Centres






Our software team coupled with our knowledge of automotive aftersales makes Somit Solutions the perfect partner to develop customised solutions specifically for your business. We have already developed a number of core systems that can be individualised as well as more unique customer projects.

Other systems include:

  • Data On Demand
  • Case Management
  • Warranty Systems
  • Connected Services
  • Digital Service Records


Engineering Services provide resource on a short or long-term basis. This expert resource can be used for customer directed activities or more commonly put together to deliver a specific project. We specialise in all areas associated with aftersales whether it be serviceability studies, the provision of diagnostic engineering resource or the design, development and manufacturing of service special tools.


Somit provide custom-built learning and development material unique for the vehicle manufacturer but utilising methods and techniques already used within the automotive industry.

Our Sister company Calex UK is working within the retail automotive sector with many large and small automotive manufacturers delivering custom-built learning and development programmes to maximise the skill levels and productivity of today’s employees. Calex believes in use of technology to help deliver today’s training needs.

Many of our programmes now incorporate the use of Virtual Delivery platforms, learning apps and remote assessment to ensure that learning is always available.


Somit provide a range of product, technical and field support services for our clients and end users. Our services provide professional, dedicated and global support across the following key areas:

  • Product Support (Software & Hardware)
  • Hardware Exchange Programmes
  • Diagnostic Technical Support
  • Vehicle Technical Support
  • Field Service Support
  • Specialist ‘White Glove’ Engineering Support